[ Others ]  Contest / Questionnaire - 5x Baseboard/Motherboard do Jestson Nano / Xavier NX

Contest / Questionnaire - 5x Baseboard/Motherboard do Jestson Nano / Xavier NX

  By : Nano_Developer     1305

Welcome :) WIN best all inclusive Nano/Xavier MX Baseboard! We present you with a survey (time needed to fill in 1 minute! Unless you have numb fingers from playing WoW, maybe it will take 2 minutes :)) about the functionality that would be on a dedicated Baseboard/Motherboard to Jestson Nano / Xavier NX

We are a team of Polish engineers who focus on Nvidia Jetson solutions. We have already introduced one Jetson Nano board. it works for many corporate clients, and now we will configure it for you. Isn’t that great? [rethoric] :slight_smile:

Please select only the necessary components and functionality you would like to see on one of the best and cheapest Jetson tiles in the world!

Please note that all additional functionalities will increase the production price a little :slight_smile:

To sum up, the aim of the survey is not only to give you what you need, but above all something you can afford!


Five Boards with ALL-INCLUSIVE set-up will be drawn at the end of August!

–> Link to the survey <–

Thank you in advance for sincerely completing the survey, good luck with the competition!

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