[ Sharing ]  Run TensorFlow Models on Your Mobile Device!

Run TensorFlow Models on Your Mobile Device!

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TensorFlow release a new deep learning tool "TensorFlow Lite" which helps developers to deployment AI training models on your mobile devices or other embedded devices such as Raspberry Pi. 

If you are not familiar with TensorFlow Lite yet, we suggest you to get started with "pre-trained models" section on TensorFlow website. You can also try the "TensorFlow Lite Example apps" on your mobile phone. For mobile phone, TensorFlow Lite support both Android and iOS system. 

Following shows you the result using the object detection example on TensorFlow website and deploying MobileNet SSD on mobile phone.

(Device: Google pixel 4, Deep Learning Model: MobileNet SSD)

TensorFlow Lite provides a collection of AI application examples and pre-trained models for your practice. Visit the official website and try it now!

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