[ Teaching ]  Very useful tool - Leadtek GPU Docker Management System (GDMS)

Very useful tool - Leadtek GPU Docker Management System (GDMS)

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      Are you looking for an efficient way to manage different deep learning frameworks?

      Leadtek GPU Docker Management System, GDMS is all you need.

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      Leadtek GDMS provides intuitive interface and has 2 powerful functions:

      1.  GDMS makes Docker deployment much easier.

      No matter you need exclusive multiple GPUs for one large project, or you may share one GPU resources among several project members, GDMS can help you to calculate all the idle GPU resources and deploy the container instantly. 

      2. Graphical real-time resources surveillance.

      You can see how much GPU resources you have assigned to a specific server for project A or which servers have been deployed with project B containers. It means, no matter how many AI projects and AI servers you have, GDMS helps you to manage them by Dockers and by projects, and makes everything orderly.

      Click here for more detail about Leadtek GDMS.

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