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Using the PyTorch C++ Fronted

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For a long time, AI developers who use Python may notice that Python is not the right tool for some jobs such as 1) Low Latency Systems, 2) Highly Multithreaded Environments or (3) Existing C++ Codebases. The PyTorch team created the C++ frontend to solve your issues. 

Researchers and engineers love PyTorch for its simplicity, flexibility and intuitive API. The motivation to create C++ frontend is to make sure you can take advantage of these core design principles in every possible environment, including the ones described above. 

Below is the example of a simple module written in the Python interface: (Image Source)

In C++, it would look like this: (Image Source)

The C++ frontend is not intended to compete with the Python frontend. It is meant to complement it. 

The tutorial in the article will walk you through an end-to-end example of training a model with the C++ frontend.

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