[ Sharing ]  A Look Back at 2020 by Deep Learning Pioneer Andrew Ng

A Look Back at 2020 by Deep Learning Pioneer Andrew Ng

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Andrew Ng, who is one of the preeminent minds in AI and machine learning, shared a look back at AI in 2020. Including: 

Coping With Covid
AI accelerated the search for a coronavirus vaccine, detected Covid-19 cases, and otherwise softened the pandemic’s blow.

This Snowman Does Not Exist
Deepfakes showed up in mainstream entertainment, commercials, political campaigns, and even a documentary film in which they were used to protect onscreen witnesses. 

Representing the Underrepresented
Researchers found that popular datasets impart biases against socially marginalized groups to trained models due to the ways the datasets were compiled, labeled, and used. Their observations prompted reforms as well as deeper awareness of social bias in every facet of AI.

Algorithms Against Disinformation
Facing rising public pressure to block inflammatory falsehoods, Facebook, Google’s YouTube division, and Twitter scrambled to update their recommendation engines. The companies addressed the issue through various algorithmic and policy fixes — though they apparently stopped short of making changes that might seriously threaten the bottom line.

The Model Will See You Now
Institutional hurdles to AI for medicine began to fall, setting the stage for widespread clinical use of deep learning in medical devices and treatments. DeepMind’s AlphaFold model determined the three-dimensional shape of a protein in just hours, stealing the spotlight with promises of new blockbuster drugs and biological insights. 

Writer’s Unblock
Language models, which already had grown to gargantuan size, continued to swell, yielding chatbots that mimic AI luminaries and have very strange ideas about horses. OpenAI’s colossal 175 billion-parameter text generator GPT-3 showcased ongoing progress in natural language processing.

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