[ News ]  Join Leadtek at NVIDIA GTC for AI breakthroughs.

Join Leadtek at NVIDIA GTC for AI breakthroughs.

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GTC21    April 12 – 16, 2021

Join Leadtek at NVIDIA GTC for breakthroughs
in AI, data center, accelerated computing, healthcare,
intelligent networking, game development, and more.
Discover the advanced technologies that are transforming today's industries.



NVIDIA’s CEO and founder Jensen Huang will share the company’s vision for computing that scales from the edge to the data center to the cloud.

Leadtek On-Demand Talk

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SESSION TITLE: Leadtek AI ind ustry solutions, building a high-efficiency AI GPU management

If an enterprise wants to develop deep learning and artificial intelligence applications in an internal environment, in addition to the required GPU, how to develop the platform architecture and related hardware resource management has always been a crucial topic in the team. Leadtek has launched management system tools integrated in the NVIDIA data science workstation in 2019. It provides a graphical interface, allowing administrators to more effectively manage the hardware resources used by AI projects and monitor system resources in simplest ways. In 2021, the architecture and specifications are further optimized to provide a more complete GPU resource management system for AI development.


SESSION TITLE: Leadtek AI industry solutions, AI development environment integration and NVIDIA EGX system

If an enterprise wants to develop deep learning and artificial intelligence applications, the most important thing is a development environment with NVIDIA GPUs. However, it takes time to build and tune these infrastructures. Leadtek has launched software integrated into the NVIDIA data science workstation, which can integrate the packages and tools used in AI project analysis, providing the most optimized and most suitable platform for deep learning research and development. In 2021, the architecture is further optimized to meet the requirements of the NVIDIA EGX series system, and the AI development and research system with integrated software and hardware is completed.


SESSION TITLE: Leadtek Smart Factory Computer Visualization Solution, AI Management System

The AIDMS management system mainly assists production plants to quickly build computer visualization solutions and provides multiple pre-trained AI models. Users can classify and identify application fields based on various optical images to select and manage AI models. Provides various mainstream deep learning frameworks, which users can quickly apply to the latest deep learning models in real time. By learning optical images, AIDMS can use the trained AI model to verify the AI recognition results of optical images in real time. When the model training is completed, it is automatically deployed by AIDMS to the Edge device to achieve high-speed, high-precision computer visualization recognition. This course will take CAMINS TECHNOLOGY's gear defect detection system as a case, introduce the technical bottlenecks and pain points of AOI system development, and witness how the AIDMS management system can shorten the time and cost of system development and construction.

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