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What Is Conversational AI?

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True conversational AI is a voice assistant that can engage in human-like dialogue, capturing context and providing intelligent responses. Such AI models must be massive and highly complex.

But the larger a model is, the longer the lag between a user’s question and the AI’s response. Gaps longer than just three-tenths of a second can sound unnatural.

With NVIDIA GPUs, conversational AI software, and CUDA-X AI libraries, massive, state-of-the-art language models can be rapidly trained and optimized to run inference in just a couple of milliseconds — thousandths of a second — which is a major stride toward ending the trade-off between an AI model that’s fast versus one that’s large and complex.

These breakthroughs help developers build and deploy the most advanced neural networks yet, and bring us closer to the goal of achieving truly conversational AI.

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