[ Teaching ]  5 Things to Know About USD (Universal Scene Description)

5 Things to Know About USD (Universal Scene Description)

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From previous post we all know that USD (Universal Scene Description) is one of the core technologies of NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

Today, we will learn more about USD through NVIDIA’s tutorials. 

1. USD universal scene description technology was developed by Pixar for its animation film production

Pixar needs a way to present complex 3D scenes in the animation word, and a format that allows hundreds of artists in the studios to collaborate with each other. Therefore, USD is a collaborative effort of software development by Pixar over the past 30 years. 3D content created by different software can use the USD format uniformly, so that everyone can work together in a 3D environment. USD has been written as a basic library, which can be used as a basis for building other content.

2. USD is an open source standard widely used in various industries

In 2016, Pixar announced USD as the open source animation tool. All the code can be downloaded on the developer website GitHub. Because it is a free open source code and a representative tool that can be used in 3D scenes, many companies in this industry have started using USD tools, including Autodesk's Maya, SideFX's Houdini, Epic's Unreal 4 Engine... etc. Apple also talked about why they chose USD to enhance the virtual scenes presented on MAC and iPhone in the 2019 Developer Conference.

3. Omniverse is the first application built entirely around USD

USD is not only a format used for export and import in Omniverse; the actual document you use is USD itself. While you move the objects or change the light, the value in USD will also change accordingly. In this way, each artist in the same project can work on the same scene in the same time. For example, while 3D modelers work on the model structure, another artist can modify the texture or color of the same scene simultaneously. 

4. Omniverse extends USD to support live collaboration with other applications

Because USD is an excellent method and standard way to define the three-dimensional worlds, NVIDIA uses this standard to enable the "Connector" tool in Omniverse to be integrated with other software, such as Rhino 3D, 3Ds Max, and Revit. These applications can communicate live with Omniverse in unidirectional or bi-directional.

5. USD enables complex asset structure that are shared between tools

Just as Pixar needs hundreds of artists to create complex 3D worlds, NVIDIA also uses USD in Omniverse to create assets. NVIDIA develops a variety of model demonstrations using the standardization and integration of USD by artists distributed all around the world.

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