[ Teaching ]  WinFast RTX AI Workstation Utility User’s Guide

WinFast RTX AI Workstation Utility User’s Guide

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Do you feel lousy and troublesome to install all deep learning frameworks?

Leadtek WinFast RTX AI Workstation is here to solve your problem and make your life easier. 

WinFast RTX AI Workstation is a turnkey system that combines the power of the world’s most advanced Quadro GPU with accelerated CUDA-X AI data science software to deliver a new breed of fully-integrated workstations to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability for data science. 

Now, we will show you how to install WinFast RTX AI software in ONLY 2 STEPS. Isn't it amazing? 


STEP 1: WinFast RTX AI System is based on Ubuntu LTS OS and you can see the desktop after you log in to the system, double-click the RTX Utility icon on desktop to install the Utility.

STEP 2: After the acception of End User License Agreement, the WinFast RTX AI Software will start the installation. When the installation is complete, the system will reboot automatically.

And CONGRATULATION! You just finish the RTX AI software installation successfully!

Yes, it's just that simple and convenient. 

After reboot, you can double-click the User Manual icon to view the contents of this manual.

 To launch the utility, double-click the RTX Utility icon on desktop. The main menu shown as below.

There are 6 options in the WinFast RTX AI System Utility main menu:

(1). Software Component Version: Shows software component version.

(2). GPU Monitoring: Monitor the GPU and shows its information.

(3). Framework Test: The utility has several built-in framework tests. Select to enter the sub-menu.

(4). System Recovery: Select to restore the system to factory default settings.

(5). About: Shows end-user software license.

(6). Exit: Select to quit the WinFast RTX AI System Utility.

Software Component Version

Select this item to display the version information of the software components, include all pre-built frameworks version, OS version, NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit version, NVIDIA cuDNN library version, NCCL version, Docker version, nvidia-docker version and NVIDIA driver version.

Software Component Version 

GPU Monitoring is a function that detects the status of the GPU and shows its information. Users can find out whether the GPU is working normally with this function. The current working status and related information of the GPU will be displayed. The information will be recorded in a log file under the /home/(user account name) directory.

Remind: If you encounter any technical problems and need help, please use this function before running any applications, and email the generated log file to Leadtek support team <service@leadtek.com.tw> for further analysis. 

Framework Test

In the Framework Test menu, there are several built-in tests. You can run each of these tests by selecting an item. In addition to deep learning framework test, the GPU-Test is used for testing the function of CUDA.

System Recovery

This is used to restore the system to factory default settings.

If you choose to use this function, all the data in the system will be deleted. Make sure you have backed up your data before proceeding.

After the system recovery, double-click the Utility icon on desktop to install the necessary drivers, frameworks, and components (see installation).


Select this to see the End-User Software License, Framework and Library Versions, and Important Message.

Rescue Disk

If something goes wrong with the system and it is unable to boot, you may use this function to restore the system to the original state.

1. Start the system and press [F11] in the boot screen to enter the boot device selection menu. 

2. There are several items in the menu. Use up and down arrow keys to select “RESCUE_DISK” and press Enter.

3. The system will rebuild the boot drive. After a few minutes, the boot drive will be restored to the factory default settings and is supposed to work normally. 

Warning: This function will delete all data in the boot drive. Do not use this function unless necessary.

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