[ Sharing ]  Download Omniverse. Play with CloudXR. Build an XR experience.

Download Omniverse. Play with CloudXR. Build an XR experience.

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The Ghost Howls blog publishes an extensive interview with Dave Weinstein, Director of XR at NVIDIA, about the amazing job that NVIDIA is doing in the XR field. NVIDIA is investing a lot of resources for immersive realities, and its commitment to XR is visible in its products like Omniverse and the CloudXR SDK.

Q: Hello Dave, can you introduce yourself to my readers?

Dave: It’s great to meet you and your readers, Tony.  I’m the Director of Virtual and Augmented Reality at NVIDIA. My team product-manages all of NVIDIA’s XR products, and we manage the relationships with NVIDIA’s XR partners.

Q: Let’s talk about Omniverse… could you please explain to us what it is? I think there is a lot of confusion in the communities about it…

Dave:Omniverse is a simulator of 3D virtual worlds. To use an analogy, Omniverse Nucleus – the platform’s collaboration engine – is like the ‘Git’ of 3D assets and these virtual worlds. Omniverse provides ground truth simulation for use cases spanning across industries and scales of projects – whether you want to visualize and simulate an architectural model in real-time, or collaboratively iterate on a single car design – or simulate a perfect digital twin of a mass-scale factory. 

We built Omniverse for ourselves, to help accelerate our design and development processes by connecting our teams and their preferred software tools; to build physically accurate virtual worlds and environments to train our autonomous vehicle and robot systems; and to provide a unified platform to deliver our core AI, graphics, and simulation technologies to our engineering, design, and creative teams.

We see Omniverse as part of the beginnings of the metaverse. Because it’s based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD), a powerful, flexible open-source framework, Omniverse will be the connector of worlds, whether different ‘worlds’ of leading industry software such as Epic Games Unreal Engine, or Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max, or Substance by Adobe; or one day, large scale virtual worlds like we see in popular video games today. 

Q: Why is a solution like Omniverse important? Who is using it? What are its advantages?

Dave: Today, 3D workflows are extremely complex. They require large, widespread teams with special sets of skills that require specialized software. The scale and complexity of systems, products, models, and projects that need to be modeled and simulated in 3D are growing exponentially. Omniverse is the solution to these challenges – enabling interoperability between disparate software applications, allowing skilled designers and engineers to continue working in their tools of choice, and providing scalable, GPU-accelerated physically accurate simulation for these complex data sets.

Omniverse fundamentally transforms 3D production pipelines. By enabling true real-time collaboration between users, teams, their tools, and asset libraries, it significantly speeds time to production, shortens review cycles, and lowers the vast costs associated with file imparity, storage of duplications, and time wasted on tedious import/export processes.

Today, we have over 50,000 individuals using Omniverse in open beta across industries and disciplines. We also have over 400 companies actively evaluating Omniverse including BMW Group who are using the platform to design, deploy and optimize a digital twin of their factories of the future, Volvo Cars who are using Omniverse to augment the customer buying experience of their cars, Foster + Partners and KPF who are connecting their global teams to collaboratively design innovative buildings. 

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