[ Teaching ]  5 Key Parts of NVIDIA Omniverse™ Platform

5 Key Parts of NVIDIA Omniverse™ Platform

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NVIDIA announced Omniverse Technology in 2019 for its own need of product design and development. Today, Omniverse Beta version and Omniverse Enterprise are ready to simplify and accelerate the complex 3D design workflow. Walk through with NVIDIA Paul Kind in the video, and you will learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a powerful, multi-GPU real-time simulation collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines, and it’s based on Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD) and NVIDIA RTX.

It provides universal real-time interoperability across applications and acts as a hub for client and applications.  


5 Key Parts of NVIDIA Omniverse Platform: Connect、Nucleus、Kit、Simulation、RTX Renderer

At the center of Omniverse collaboration, we have Omniverse Nucleus.

Broadly speaking, it handles user authentication, collaboration services, and data storage. You can think of it as your private cloud for 3D content.

Nucleus allows live syncing. This is a publish/subscribe model, where multiple Clients connected to it in such a manner that once one of those Clients submits a change (publishes it), every other Client (subscriber) will immediately receive that change.

Omniverse Kit is the framework for developing lean, powerful workflow-based apps.

Broad or narrow, Omniverse Kit is the backbone for all apps on the Omniverse, and you can create your own apps with Omniverse Kit. 

Next, Omniverse connect delivers an SDK allowing external DCC applications to become fully integrated on the Omniverse platform.

Many common professional 3D DCC tools are already connected but with the provided SDK developers can create their own custom application connectors and they can join the expanding list of Omniverse connectors. 


Omniverse RTX Renderer provides scalable, accurate Ray Tracing and path traced rendering across apps on the platform.

It delivers film quality in real time everywhere on the Omniverse. 


Omnivers simulation provides high quality, real-world physics simulations to simulate physics, add behaviors, develop AI and more with a vast array of Omniverse simulation extensions. 


Omniverse is not a singular entity; instead, it’s an amalgam of apps, connectors, services, extensions, and a renderer. Cohesively fuse together these individual components become the Omniverse platform. 

When considering usage, we can simplify the structure to Apps、Nucleus、and ConnectorsThese are the main avenues by which we will encounter the platform.

The apps and connectors communicate through a Nucleus, and that all communication can be bi-directional. This means whether working in apps or connected DCC applications, users can work simultaneously in real time on any given project.   

For some users, a specific connector may be all they need while others may employ many connectors and many apps. At the end of the day, Omniverse can accommodate virtually any combination of tools for a preferred workflow that is right for you.  

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